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If you want to keep your WATER WARM-UPS looking great and lasting a long, long time we highly recommend the use of Malibu C Crystals. This revolutionary product removes chlorine and other harmful minerals out of fabrics. Malibu C Crystals have proven to be superior to any other product of its kind on the market to date. So, save your WATER WARM-UPS and all your other garments you wear in the pool. See Extras for details about this great product. A little goes a long way: use as directed and one canister will last much longer than the liquid type swimwear cleansers.

Malibu C Crystals 3 ounce canister $10.00



All Water Warm-Ups are warranteed for up to 30 days from date of purchase.
All Water Warm-Ups are SPF 50

Hand or machine wash (gentle cycle, soak 10 minutes) in cold water after each use in chlorinated, fresh, or salt water. We recommend using a detoxification cleanser such as MALIBU C CRYSTALS (available through us or other retailers). Great for all suits, since you don't have to use much; they last quite a bit longer than liquids made to do the same. Soaps such as Woolite do not remove these nasty chemicals. Dry out of direct sunlight. Must be dry when stored or packed. Rough surfaces may damage fibers of all fabrics. We do not recommend wearing Water Warm-ups in highly heated water, such as Jacuzzis.

WATER WARM-UPS come in three different materials: SUPER SUNSAFE, ULTRA STRETCH NEO and STRETCH NEO.

SUPER SUNSAFE WATER WARM-UPS: 50+ UV sunscreen protective garments.
This fabric is not intended for warmth.
Medium weight 8-oz blend fabric. The latest high-performance technology in Chlorine-Resistant Material is 50+ UV protected (wet and dry). It is excellent for stretch and keeping its shape while providing protection from harmful sunrays. The 50+ UV protection that is built into the weave of the fabric will completely protect skin from damaging sunrays. When maintained in good condition, the SPF UV of the SUPER SUNSAFE water-wear will remain 50+. Pants have elastic and "draw-cord" waist!

ULTRA STRETCH NEO WATER WARM-UPS: heavier warm-up garment - 0.5mm thick.
Our newest fabric is ULTRA STRETCH NEO. The 0.5 mm neoprene is the same material as STRETCH NEO, half the thickness. This allows for greater mobility and a little closer fit. It is almost as warm as STRETCH NEO and is lined with Titanium Glideskin for more warmth and comfort than plain neoprene.

STRETCH NEO WATER WARM-UPS: heaviest warm-up garment - 1mm thick.
Most warmth, fits almost any figure type.
This extremely durable material, introduced in 2003, is the warmest Warm-Up with nearly the same stretch ability as the POLY, making the STRETCH NEO in a class of its own. It is lined with Titanium Glideskin for more warmth and comfort tha plain neoprene. The 5% spandex gives the material all the give needed to really fit the body, preventing the water to rush in and let you get chilled!

When ordering, remember, your bra size is not your chest measurement. Measure carefully to ensure a great fit. If you have questions about sizing, please call us at 714-550-0668 (So. Cal) or 888-890-8044. All we need are your measurements to fit you perfectly . . . no size specification is necessary when you order as along as we have your chest, waist, hips, height, and weight.

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